UPVC Cladding Facias & Soffits From Surrey Roofing Services
Professionally installed cladding, fascias and soffits transform any property, and require little or no maintenance to stay looking good for years.

Professionally done, these products are non-intrusive and offer clean lines and hard-wearing good looks. At Surrey Roofing Services, we have over 25 years’ experience, and only work with best quality products that look as good as they perform- none of our work looks ‘plastic’, and all is done with sympathy to the character of the building.

Cladding, fascias and soffits play a crucial role in protecting buildings’ integrity, and that of the roof spaces and rafters. Top quality products are resistant to insects, pollution, acids, alkalines, birds and bats; as well as being hard-wearing, weather resistant, long-lasting and low maintenance. Surrey Roofing Services use only the best products and practices, and are a team of polite and reliable professionals.
We offer free, no obligation quotations, and are happy to consult with our clients on design matters.

We use only the finest materials for your Cladding, facias & soffits

Our UPVC Cladding , Facias and Soffits products are designed to protect and enhance every part of your roof.UPVC Cladding, Facias and Soffits From Surrey Roofing Services

Our BBA approved white soffits will bridge the gap between your home’s siding and the roofline, tidying and protecting the underside of the roof overhang. Durable and made-to-measure, they’ll keep the underside of your roof looking clean and attractive. Plus, like all our roofing products, they come with a comprehensive ten year guarantee, or twenty year guarantee for our white soffits. There’s also a lifetime guarantee against discolouration on our white soffits plus a twenty year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Our installation isn’t a temporary fix. We perform a complete overhaul of the existing roofline area. We never simply cap the existing soffits, as this is bad practice designed to conceal rather than combat the problem.

We Guarantee to Beat any Genuine Quote!

Our Mission is Quality service for all of your Surrey Roofing needs. When you need a dependable, on-time quality roofing contractor, you can depend on Surrey Roofing Services.  When you need a roofing expert, one with over 25 year’s experience, call Surrey Roofing Services for all your pitched roof repairs or flat roof  leak repairs . We specialize in GRP fibreglass, Rubberbond EPDM and traditional mineral green felt flat roofing.

For years, our roofing professionals have provided the best roofing services to the whole of Surrey to do the job correctly the first time. We have made it our goal to treat you with the utmost respect and to provide you with great customer service.

We can supply and fit almost any new pitched roof or even repair or replace any missing or broken slate or clay tiles. We ensure whilst working on any new re-roofing project that involves stripping the old roof coverings that your property is kept water tight at all times.

We offer a complete, one-stop-shop roofing package for all your Surrey Roofing Service requirements, our roofers are able to repair or re-point any chimney lead flashings or re-new any new PVC guttering, fascias and soffits – we use only the highest quality materials and use the proper installation methods specified by the manufacturers. Surrey Roofing Services also offer an Emergency Roof Repairs service with a rapid response for any roofing emergency.

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We will provide you with a free inspection for any repairs or maintenance. There’s no obligation, and we guarantee to beat any genuine quote you’ve had. so contact us right away.

We have the top professional tradesmen in the industry working for Surrey Roofing Services so you have peace of mind that the job they are doing is to the highest standards, with a fair and open pricing policy – quite simply we give value for money and get the job done properly first time!